By Brianna K.

What is it?

International Observe the Moon Night is an event put on by NASA that celebrates our natural satellite. It encourages people to look up at the moon and discover something new in the familiar.

Did you know?

  • Our moon is the fifth largest moon in the entire solar system
  • Its soil, regolith, can fuse when heated, which could help us build things on the Moon
  • It’s only 250,000 miles from Earth 
    • For reference, the Sun, which appears about the same size in the sky, is 93,000,000 miles away
  • It only takes 3 days to get to the Moon
    • It takes at least 7 months to get to Mars 
  • 24 people have landed on the Moon but only 12 have stepped on it 
  • 100lbs on Earth is only 16.6lbs on the Moon

Where is International Observe the Moon night?

There are two live streams for this event that you can join online: 

Other ways to celebrate!




Video: NASA

Brianna K.

Brianna K.

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