By Brianna K.

Looking for something you can watch in a weekend? The list below contains shows that lasted just one season. 


Feel like everyone in Washington has lost their mind? This show blames it on a race of parasitic aliens that are pushing out half their brains. Though this live-action comedy does occasionally get very graphic, it’s a light-hearted satire. It also features musical recaps before each episode that are worth watching for their own sake.


In the distant future, a smuggler’s ship takes on passengers, who each come with their own problems. This Western Sci-Fi mash-up stands as one of the great lamented TV cancellations of the early 2000s. The carefully crafted characters that make up the core cast will make the spaceship Serenity feel like home. 

Freaks and Geeks

Containing a litany of teenage angst, this show is packed with now-famous faces that make it even more entertaining to watch. This popular dramedy is about a girl, who starts hanging out with a different crowd after her grandmother passes, and her geeky younger brother. 

My So-Called Life

A realistic teen drama that is actually accessible to teens. This well-written series is filled with teenage angst and real-world issues. Though this came out in the ’90s, it features issues that still plague the world today. It’ll make you laugh. It’ll make you cry. It’ll make you think about what your parents were/are going through. 

Over the Garden Wall*

Two brothers are lost in a strange wood filled with a cast of characters and an ominous beast. This children’s series has ten short episodes that are fun for everyone in the family.  Bursting with humor and heart, this miniseries is perfect for a spooky night in the Fall. 

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

A combination of 30 Rock and The West Wing, this comedy-drama focuses on the behind-the-scenes of a live comedy show akin to Saturday Night Live. Featuring Matthew Perry, Amanda Peet, Bradley Whitford, and Sarah Paulson, the stellar cast entertains for the entirety of its 22 episode run. 


Taking place three decades after the graphic novel, this show has twists and turns. Though it’s not without its problems, it does not shy away from America’s racial history. Like its source material, it can be violent and sometimes hard to watch. However, its action-packed touches on something that few shows do, and features a stunning cast.


Jay, a grumpy post-grad who chooses to live in a trailer park, starts to hear inanimate objects telling her to do things. This light-hearted comedy takes a look at what can happen after college with a supernatural twist. It focuses mostly on Jay’s family and friends as she’s forced against her will to grow as a person.

*Was originally planned for one season

Brianna K.
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Brianna K.

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