By Brianna K.

Celebrate Pride with the library by watching these tv shows featuring LGBTQ+ main characters.


Steven Universe (2013)

Follow the story of Steven as he’s raised by the Crystal Gems. Sporting one of the best theme songs in the last decade and supported by LGTBQ+ writers, Steven Universe leads the way in representation in children’s cartoons. 

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (2018)

Adora must find a new way forward when she gains powers and realizes that the people who raised her might be the bad guys. From the author of Nimona and Lumberjanes, She-Ra is a brightly colored and action-packed reboot of a classic cartoon.


What We do in Shadows (2019)

Four vampires and their familiars live together in Long Island where they are visited by a much more traditional elder. Based on the movie of the same name, from Jermane Clement and Taika Waititi, this show is a refreshingly comedic take on modern vampires.

Modern Family (2009)

This classic sitcom follows three very different branches of a single family as they try to understand and love one another. Modern Family will make you laugh with its silly antics, well-rounded characters, and perfect timing.

Will and Grace (1998)

This quintessential sitcom follows best friends Will and Grace as they make their way through a heightened and groundbreaking version of New York City life.

Grace and Frankie (2015)

After many years of marriage, an older gay couple decides to leave their wives, the titular Grace and Frankie, to get married. Drama, hijinks, and general hilarity ensue. Ultimately, this comedy is about rediscovering possibilities and getting a fresh start in your golden years.

Schitt’s Creek (2015)

A wealthy family is suddenly forced to live in a small town on limited income. Though the first season is a little rough, this series grows with its characters and will have you laughing and rooting for people that surprise you.

Work in Progress (2019)

Work in Progress is a relatable comedy about a woman struggling with life. While the cringe comedy isn’t for everyone, it has a unique voice that’s worth checking out.


Black Sails (2014)

Captain Flint and his crew want to secure Nassau, but they’ll need to steal a whole lot of gold from Spain first. Though the first season of Black Sails is often compared to Games of Thrones because of its tone and violence, this revolutionary pirate show distinguishes itself in the second season to become one of the best and most criminally underrated TV series of all time.

The Umbrella Academy (2019)

Trained and raised to save the world, the former members of the Umbrella Academy struggle with the death of their father and what it means to be family as an apocalypse looms. Its perfect music choices, offbeat humor, and overall quirkiness make this mishmash of tv tropes a unique and fun experience.

Gentleman Jack (2019)

Based on the real-life diaries of Anne Lister, Gentleman Jack is a historical drama that enjoys breaking gender roles, hearts, and the fourth wall.

Orange is the New Black (2013)

This show follows a well-off woman in a minimum-security prison. By far the most inclusive show on this list, Orange is the New Black never shies away from tough topics. It will make you laugh, cry, and think as you binge episode after episode. 

Queer as Folk (2000)

This confident series follows five gay men living in Pittsburgh in the early 2000s. Unapologetically explicit, Queer as Folk broke new ground in television and features complex characters that will keep you coming back episode after episode.

Shameless (2011)

Follow the Gallagher kids and their alcoholic father as they try to keep the family afloat in the South Side of Chicago. Though this show comes with basically every trigger warning in existence, it can also be hilarious and surprisingly heartwarming.


Chucky (2021)

When middle-schooler Jake buys a certain doll from a garage sale, he gets a lot more than he bargained for. From the original creator, Don Mancini, this campy hit continues the legacy of LGBTQ+ themes in the horror genre.


Brianna K.
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Brianna K.

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