By Teresa L.

Did you know EVPL has a new database that offers online tutoring and job help? We do. It’s called Brainfuse JobNow and users can get real-time career support, test preparation, and tutoring with it. Why does it have two names? Because it is really two databases in one.


JobNow is the main career support section of the database. It is most helpful for first time job seekers, experienced workers looking for a new job, and people exploring their career options, whether they are just starting out or starting over. The resume section has ready-made resumes available for users and guides for help writing the resume. The Job Interview section has sample interview questions, tips on how to answer those questions, and advice on how to dress. The career exploration section has links to aptitude and career assessment tests, skills training for a multitude of interests, and practice tests from GEDs to nursing and the ASVAB.




Brainfuse focuses more on adult learning – developing those general skills needed for jobs. There are more life skills tests and training, as well as practice Citizenship tests and help preparing for the test. Brainfuse also offers live chat help for those struggling with a math concept, reading comprehension, proper writing, or even the Microsoft programs: Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. To get to this page, click on the Adult Learners link on JobNow’s main page.

JobNow also has chat support for resume writing, job interviewing, and general career coaching. Currently, the Chat services for both Brainfuse and JobNow are available from 2:00 to 11:00 pm daily. The available hours are always listed on the blue ribbon on the database’s main page. Don’t worry if your computer/device doesn’t have a microphone or speakers; the chats are text based, with a handy ‘white board,’ on the side where you can post samples of what is giving you trouble.




If you aren’t available to chat during the designated hours, or you prefer not to chat, you can still get help. On JobNow, you can upload your resume to the Resume Lab and get it critiqued within 24 hrs. On the Brainfuse side, you can upload a writing sample for critique with a response within 24 hrs, or you can ask any question and upload a sample of your problem through the Send Question link.

Other cool features include JobNow’s eParachute service. It is an electronic, interactive version of What Color Is Your Parachute. Their Optimal Resume service is great for people who don’t know where to start with writing their resume. You input your basic information, you select the type of job you’re looking for from OR’s large array of options, and you’re given a selection of useful resumes that just require your personal work/experience information. In addition to everything else, JobNow also offers ESL support through their SkillSurfer section.

One last thing: Notice the My Account link near the right top of Brainfuse’s main page?

This is an account specific to the Brainfuse JobNow website; it is not part of your library account. Most of Brainfuse JobNow’s services are available to use without an account, but some like eParachute, SKillSurfer, and Writing Lab need users to have one.

If you’re using the database on a public computer, like ours at the library, I would suggest you create an account for any service that requires uploading material, whether an account is required or not. That way you’ll be assured of being able to access all of your tutors’ responses. If you’re accessing the database from a personal device, you only need to create an account for the services that require it.

Creating an account isn’t hard. Just click on any of the services I mentioned that need an account then click the Sign up link below the sign in box. You’ll be asked to create a username and password. Once you’ve done that you’ll be good to go.

Hope you enjoy using Brainfuse JobNow. Don’t hesitate to give us a call or contact us via www.evpl.org with any questions!

Teresa L.
Collections Librarian

Teresa L.

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