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STEAM Weekly Challenge

Every week, EVPL will be posting a new STEAM challenge for you to complete from your home! The challenge will run from Monday until Friday. Your parents can help, or you can complete the challenge on your own. We would love to see your creations! Submissions will be posted the following Monday when a new challenge is presented.

Terrific Tangrams!


Tangrams are a flat puzzle that originated in China. It is believed that they were invented around 960-1279 AD. Each tangram consists of seven pieces: two large triangles, two small triangles, one medium triangle, one square, and one parallelogram. The goal is to put the seven pieces together to form a picture or object. 

Tangrams help with problem-solving skills. When you are creating objects with your shapes, you must figure out how they can be turned and flipped around to fit into a shape.

The three main rules:

  1. You have to use all seven (7) shapes  
  2. The seven (7) pieces must all touch
  3. The pieces cannot overlap

What can you make? 

Suggested Materials 

Additional suggestions to enhance the challenge

Be creative! What other shapes can you brainstorm?

  • Create a square using four (4) tangrams
  • Create food
  • Create something that floats
  • Create something that you can do as an activity

Age group/grade level suggested 

Younger participants can talk about the shapes and colors while trying to copy some fo the tangram examples. Older participants are able to be creative and design additional puzzles.

Send a picture of your tangrams to marketing@evpl.org to be featured next week!

Submission requirements

First name


What shape held the most weight?

Learning outcomes

  • Classify shapes
  • Gain knowledge of spatial relationships
  • Develop a vocabulary – flip, rotate, line, “shape words”
  • A positive experience with geometry
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EVPL Staff

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