By Jake K. (he/him)

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

That old tested and trusted phrase is certainly true for technology. We have new folding-screen smart devices and tablets that are ever-thinner than their predecessors. More now than ever everyone seems to be using a computer, smartphone, or other device. This may be by choice, or it may be by necessity. Can you think of anyone you know in this situation? Maybe the tools below will help. Share the link to this blog on your own social media.

The more tech changes, the more you need to learn something new.

Technology Courses

EVPL offers various online instruction or can link you to online instruction that will help you with various eLearning needs. A great place to begin your learning, especially if you are new to computers: Udemy’s Computer Literacy & Basic Computer Skills for Productivity. Even if you’re not completely familiar with computers yet, we can set you up with the ability to watch this course on your own device or on the computer at an EVPL location

While the course is over eight hours in length, you can pick and choose the sections that are best for you. If you want to document your learning for work, you can even earn a certificate of completion from Udemy. Plus, it is easy to see if this is a good option based on the reviews available on this and other courses.

A screenshot of the Gale Udemy course overview page.


On the other hand, if you’re looking for basic skills to pick and choose, the Public Library Association’s DigitalLearn.org is a great place to see easy tutorials or review step-by-step guides. Everything from learning to pick solid, safe username and password combinations, keeping your data safe online, making online purchases, and setting up an email account for the first time.

A screenshot of the DigitalLearn homepage.


GCFGlobal, a service of the Goodwill Community Foundation, offers basic tutorials online on all sorts of services, like Microsoft Office, Email, Internet, Online Safety, as well as Mac OS and Linux operating systems, like Ubuntu. 

A screenshot of the GCF homepage.


Need one-on-one training? 

Schedule an appointment with Book-A-Librarian at EVPL, or call our Tech Helpdesk at 812.428.8200 ext. 1515, or send an email.

Looking for in-person events and classes? 

Visit the EVPL events calendar to see what’s happening and register for your spot.

Jake K. (he/him)
Technology & Reference Librarian

Jake K. (he/him)

Jake is a Reference Librarian at EVPL Central. He loves discovering answers to life’s pressing questions and helping people explore the amazing powers of the library.

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