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Winter is coming! And EVPL has countless stories, books, and movies to entertain you on those long, cold, winter nights. During this season, the most common themes are surrounding the holidays. However, there are plenty of materials that are winter-based, but not holiday-based. The sampling of EVPL titles listed here are stories that are set during the wintertime. We’ve got children’s books about snow and snow days; adult fiction books with Rom-Com storylines and even horror plots; and movies that are set in the snowy season (think Die Hard or Frozen).  

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Children’s Books

The Shortest Day by Susan Cooper

Susan Cooper’s poem “The Shortest Day” captures the magic behind the returning of the light, the yearning for traditions that connect us with generations that have gone before– and the hope for peace that we carry into the future. Richly illustrated by Carson Ellis with a universality that spans the centuries, this beautiful book evokes the joy and community found in the ongoing mystery of life when we celebrate light, thankfulness, and festivity at a time of rebirth. Welcome, Yule!”


Katy and the Big Snow by Virginia Lee Burton

Katy is a crawler tractor who saves the city when it is snowed in by a blizzard.”

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Snow by Uri Shulevitz

As snowflakes slowly come down, one by one, people in the city ignore them, and only a boy and his dog think that the snowfall will amount to anything.” 


Danny’s First Snow by Leonid Gore

When he ventures outside to experience his first snowfall, a young rabbit discovers that his world has greatly changed.” 


Hooray for Snow! by Kazuo Iwamura

“Beautiful illustrations bring a winter wonderland to life as three little squirrels try to convince Daddy to come out and play.” 


Adult Fiction

One Day in December by Josie Silver

Through a misted-up bus window one snowy December day, Laurie sees a man and knows he’s the one. Their eyes meet, there’s magic, and her bus leaves. For a year she scans London’s bus stops and cafes. Then, at a Christmas party, her best friend introduces him as her new boyfriend.”

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The Shining by Stephen King

A child with a precognitive gift sees visions of an evil awaiting his family.”

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The Winter People by Jennifer McMahon

West Hall, Vermont, has always been a town of strange disappearances and old legends. The most mysterious is that of Sara Harrison Shea, who, in 1908, was found dead in the field behind her house just months after the tragic death of her daughter, Gertie. Now, in present day, nineteen-year-old Ruthie lives in Sara’s farmhouse with her mother, Alice, and her younger sister, Fawn. Alice has always insisted that they live off the grid, a decision that suddenly proves perilous when Ruthie wakes up one morning to find that Alice has vanished without a trace. Searching for clues, she is startled to find a copy of Sara Harrison Shea’s diary hidden beneath the floorboards of her mother’s bedroom. As Ruthie gets sucked deeper into the mystery of Sara’s fate, she discovers that she’s not the only person who’s desperately looking for someone that they’ve lost. But she may be the only one who can stop history from repeating itself.”

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Every Reason We Shouldn’t by Sara Fujimura

Sixteen-year-old figure skater Olivia Kennedy’s Olympic dreams have ended. She’s bitter, but enjoying life as a regular teenager instead of trying to live up to expectations of being the daughter of Olympians Michael Kennedy and Midori Nakashima…until Jonah Choi starts training at her family’s struggling rink. Jonah’s driven, talented, going for the Olympics in speed skating, completely annoying… and totally gorgeous. Between teasing Jonah, helping her best friend try out for roller derby, figuring out life as a normal teen, and keeping the family business running, Olivia’s got her hands full. But will rivalry bring her closer to Jonah, or drive them apart?”

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The Tourist Attraction by Sarah Morgenthaler

When Graham Barnett named his diner The Tourist Trap, he meant it as a joke. Now he’s stuck slinging reindeer dogs to an endless string of resort visitors who couldn’t interest him less. Not even the sweet, enthusiastic tourist in the corner who blushes every time he looks her way… Two weeks in Alaska isn’t just the top item on Zoey Caldwell’s bucket list. It’s the whole bucket. One look at the mountain town of Moose Springs and she’s smitten. But when an act of kindness brings Zoey into Graham’s world, she may just find there’s more to the man than meets the eye…and more to love in Moose Springs than just the Alaskan wilderness.” 

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“After a famous author is rescued from a car crash by a fan of his novels, he comes to realize that the care he is receiving is only the beginning of a nightmare of captivity and abuse.”

Bridget Jones’s Diary

“Bridget Jones is determined to improve herself while she looks for love in a year in which she keeps a personal diary.”

Just Friends

“While visiting his hometown during Christmas, a man comes face-to-face with his old high school crush whom he was best friends with — a woman whose rejection of him turned him into a ferocious womanizer.”

Die Hard

“An NYPD officer tries to save his wife and several others taken hostage by German terrorists during a Christmas party at the Nakatomi Plaza in Los Angeles.”


“When the newly-crowned Queen Elsa accidentally uses her power to turn things into ice to curse her home in infinite winter, her sister Anna teams up with a mountain man, his playful reindeer, and a snowman to change the weather condition.”

Frozen II

“Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven leave Arendelle to travel to an ancient, autumn-bound forest of an enchanted land. They set out to find the origin of Elsa’s powers in order to save their kingdom.” 

The Revenant

“A frontiersman on a fur trading expedition in the 1820s fights for survival after being mauled by a bear and left for dead by members of his own hunting team.”


“Jerry Lundegaard’s inept crime falls apart due to his and his henchmen’s bungling and the persistent police work of the quite pregnant Marge Gunderson.”

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

“Four kids travel through a wardrobe to the land of Narnia and learn of their destiny to free it with the guidance of a mystical lion.”

Ice Age

“Set during the Ice Age, a sabertooth tiger, a sloth, and a wooly mammoth find a lost human infant, and they try to return him to his tribe.”


*Cover art and some synopses used from GoodReads.com and IMDb.com

Alyssa S.

Alyssa S.

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