By Trista R.

Have you ever thought about using the words “gastronomic cinema” together in a sentence? Yeah, us either. However, thanks to author Chris-Rachael Oslend and her new book, Alien: The Official Cookbook, we can’t stop thinking about turning monstrous FaceHuggers, Chestbusters, and Alien Queens into mouthwatering (or probing) dishes.

This cookbook is filled with recipes like Hash Brown Quiche Nests, Popcorn Ball Alien Eggs, Facehugger Cheeseball with Pull-Apart Body, Stuffed Poblano Pepper Queen Heads, and more! It also features a breakdown of The Alien Lifecycle, set photos, movie quotes, and a dietary appendix with modifications for each recipe. One of our favorite features of the cookbook is the “Meal Ideas” which feature gathering suggestions for pairing recipes with a themed menu, such as Halloween High Tea and a Retro Horror party.

Celebrate “Alien Day”

If Oslend’s cookbook leaves you wanting more, come celebrate “Alien Day” with us at EVPL West on Tuesday, April 26! Fright Club will be hosting a screening of the iconic film in celebration of one of the greatest sci-fi movies ever made. The screaming, we mean screening begins at 6:00 pm!

Trista R.

Trista R.

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