By Jake K. (he/him)

It’s never too late to boost your skillset. That goes for many things, especially computers. In a recent report from BBC News, Margaret Griffiths of Ynyshir, Rhondda, Wales talked about her life as a former school teacher and how she needed to learn some new skills that she didn’t have in her prior experience.

Griffiths has a mindset that many of us should consider:

“I spent my life in the world of education, and I am still learning to this day. I have never stopped.”

Why should we stop? With so many things moving from analog or print to digital and internet versions, we all must adapt. Adopting this growth mindset helps brain health, decreases our stress levels, and more.

EVPL Resources

EVPL Central offers a monthly Computers for Beginners program. In about one hour, we cover basic skills for using a personal computer and navigating the Windows operating system. We cover devices, getting online and doing a basic search, saving and organizing files, and more. Some of the resources we use are from the DigitalLearn.org platform, curated by the Public Library Association. 

Here is a preview of just some of the modules with training videos and step-by-step help we examine from DigitalLearn:


In addition, you’ll find resources on Online Safety and Job Skills.

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Jake K. (he/him)
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Jake K. (he/him)

Jake is a Reference Librarian at EVPL Central. He loves discovering answers to life’s pressing questions and helping people explore the amazing powers of the library.

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