By Christian C.

Materials needed

  • Pots 
    • Small, medium, and large 
      • I used a 12-inch, 10-inch, and 8-inch terra cotta pot. 
  • Something to prop the top two plants up (this can be recycled plastic items, plastic plates, or smaller pots placed upside down. 
    • I used a plastic plate with a few holes drilled in it (I placed it inside my largest pot)  and an empty plastic container was used inside my medium-sized pot (the one I had was from fried onion topping). This is a great way to upcycle things that you have around the house. 
  • Soil 
  • Flowers or herbs of your choosing 

Optional materials

  • Paint and paintbrushes
  • Saucer (for under largest base pot)


  1. Paint or decorate your pot(s) any way you would like.
  2. Place your bottom pot where you want the tower to stay. I don’t recommend trying to move the tower after you are done. 
  3. If using smaller pots to prop up the upper pots, fill your largest pot with about an inch of soil, and then, place the small pot upside down inside the large pot. This will be the base for the next layer. If you don’t have smaller pots and are using recycled items, you can use that instead of your small pot at this time.
    • I used a plastic plate with holes drilled in it as you can see in the first picture.
  4. Place your medium-size pot on your upcycled item or pot. 
  5. Add your flowers/herbs to the largest pot as desired. 
  6. Fill the largest pot up with soil the rest of the way. 
  7. Repeated step 2, in order to prop up your top planter pot. 
  8. Place your top planter pot on your upcycled item or pot. 
  9. Add your flowers/herbs to the middle pot as desired. 
  10. Fill the middle pot up with soil the rest of the way. 
  11. Add soil and flowers/herbs to the top pot. 
  12. Admire your hard work and beautiful planter pot tower.

Things to consider

  • The pots you use can be old or new and can be any size you prefer. You can also add more pots to make the tower taller. 
  • An extra pot that I had, already had paint spilled on it so I splattered more paint on it to finish the look. It was an easy and fun way to decorate without worrying about messing up.


    Christian C.

    Christian C.

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