By Michelle H.

Searching for interesting tidbits about local ancestors? Let’s take a look at the Newsbank database Evansville Historical Newspapers.

Under Research, head to Evansville Historical Newpapers and click on Visit Site.

Here you’ll find a variety of choices:

  • Currently-published papers and publications no longer in print
  • Transcribed text (“print”) or actual images of the papers 
  • From the latest issue to as far back as 1871

For a test search, we’ll try the Evansville Courier and Press from 1875-1992, and search for a prominent Evansville citizen, George Washington Buckner, who went on to become a doctor and Ambassador to Liberia.

Hitting search, we come up with the following results:

Here you’ll find not only an article about Dr. Buckner, but about his descendants as well.

So, if your family has roots in the Evansville area, dive into the historical newspapers. You might be surprised by what you’ll find!

Michelle H.

Michelle H.

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