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STEAM Weekly Challenge

Every week, EVPL will be posting a new STEAM Challenge for you to complete from your home! The challenge will run from Monday until Friday. Your parents can help, or you can complete the challenge on your own. We would love to see your creations! Submissions will be posted the following Monday when a new challenge is presented.

Once Upon a Time: Draw Creatures from Fairy Tales and Mythology

Description: In honor of Monday’s virtual program, “Fantastic Creatures and Where They are Found” by Animal Tales, we are challenging you to draw your favorite creature from Mythology, Fairy Tales, Legends, or a book you have read. Do you like unicorns or fairies? Hobbits or Ents? Cyclopes or Hydras? 

You could also make up a creature from your imagination! 

After you have finished, post your creature on social media so that we can see your awesome artwork! 

Suggested Materials: Your drawing can be in pencil, crayons, paints, chalk, markers, or any combination of drawing materials – it’s your choice!

Additional suggestions to enhance the challenge:

Things to think about while you draw:

  1. Why is this creature your favorite? From what story did it come, or did you make it up yourself?
  2. Would you be friends with this creature? If so, what would you do together? Would you be enemies? Why? How would you defeat this enemy?
  3. In what type of world does this creature live? Does it have any special powers?
  4. Can you write a story about this creature?

Age group/grade level suggested: This activity is for all ages according to their abilities. Parents can help with ideas, but actual artwork should be by the child.

Send a picture of your mythical creature to marketing@evpl.org to be featured next week!

Submission requirements:

First name


Name of submission

Height of their tower

Learning outcomes


From last week’s Tower Challenge:

Austin, age 10, created this tower he titled “The Abandoned Mine Tower” – great job, Austin!


EVPL Staff

EVPL Staff

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