By Ellen P.

It’s no secret that EVPL has become a place for far more than just books. With in-person and virtual programs in full force, a new reading challenge (with great prizes!) every month, and our Library of Things has almost definitely gotten bigger than the last time you were here – even if the last time was just a few days ago. 

So it should be no surprise that we are here with another new offering! 

Recipe Swap

EVPL McCollough’s Recipe Swap is a simple way to explore new foods, from right here in the community. Library users (and staff) can submit their favorite dishes through this Google Form and printed copies can be found in our recipe box. Anyone and everyone are free to take a recipe, and since we can print more copies, there is no need to keep this a strictly one-to-one swap! The point of this collection is to try something new and share meals you like. 

While getting recipes from friends is my favorite way to cook dinner, I’m also no stranger to entering a list of ingredients into Google, crossing my fingers, and hoping for the best. Which is how one of my favorite recipes (Brown Butter Chicken with Crispy Sage), ended up in the recipe box. 

Next time you’re on the east side, swing by EVPL McCollough and try something new. 


Ellen P.
Experience Facilitator

Ellen P.

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